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Ramblings of a Southern Boy

My title suxs

4 June 1988
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I am a funny guy and like to joke around a lot.
adventure of link, animal farm, annabel lee, avatar: the last airbender, banjo-kazooie series, batman: the animated series, beowulf, bleach, boy meets world, case closed, cool runnings, count of monte christo, courage the cowardly dog, crono trigger, dbz burst limit, dexter's laboratory, diagnosis, dr. who, dragon quest viii, dragonball z, dragonball z budokai series, earthbound, elder scrolls series, ff i, ff ix, ff xii, final fantasy vi, fire emblem series, firefly, foster's, futurama, golden sun series, grandia iii, gun x sword, harvest moon, hayao miyazaki's films, heroes, hitchcock movies, hook, house, igpx, jeremy thatcher dragon hatcher, jimmy neutron, john q, kingdom hearts series, kotor 1&2, legend of zelda, link to the past, link's awakening, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, majora's mask, mario, mass effect, metroid prime series, monk, monty python, mrs. frisby, mystical ninja goemon, naruto: ninja battle revolution, ocarina of time, okami, orestia, paper mario series, perloo the bold, phantom of the opera, phoenix wright series, pokemon series, prince of persia series, rayman: raving rabbids, resident evil 4, rogue galaxy, rurouni kenshin, samurai jack, serenity, skies of arcadia, spiderman 1, star ocean iii, star trek series, star wars, star wars: republic commando, super mario rpg, super smash bros. series, tales of phantasia, teen titans, the bible, the chronicles of narnia, the cosby show, the karate kid, the land before time, the newsies, the odyssey, the prince of tennis, the princess bride, the ransom trilogy, the tenth kingdom, to kill a mockingbird, twilight princess, wait until dark, wind waker